Background wall manufacturers and enterprises need to adjust the structure to st

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In addition, we will explore new markets, remove inventory, focus on brand building, upgrade and optimize channel construction, consolidate traditional channels, wading e-commerce and other new channels, and make efforts vertically and horizontally. In subtraction, we should also make timely adjustments. Such as cutting off redundant costs, overstaffed team configuration and lengthy product lines, streamlining work processes and quantifying performance appraisal, we should remove impetuosity, settle down and focus on our own career to maximize the overall interests of the company.

Blindly adding or subtracting is irresponsible to the enterprise. Every enterprise has its own special attributes. It is the way to success to find an innovation model suitable for itself.

Personalized customization market triggers new consumption hotspots.

In the past two years, the private customization model has been loved by the market and enterprises, which undoubtedly provides a good model for the business transformation of the industry. In the face of the increasingly rich market demand of consumers, enterprises continue to tap a multi-level market, even guide consumer demand, take the road of fine differentiation of the market and meet the personalized demand of the market, which is a new bright spot in the development of the industry.

Smart will also be a major mainstream of home personalization in the future, and the emerging smart product sector has achieved rapid growth. Undoubtedly, the market preference is turning, and intelligence is becoming a new consumption hotspot in the industry. In the future, more innovative, intelligent and personalized products will be liked by more people.

In the current deep-water period of the industry, it is an effective way for enterprises to win the market and break through difficulties by laying a solid foundation and diligently expanding the market.


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